Minor School

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Minor School is a Online based LMS system that provides an easy to use environment for both test conductors and students. The application is build for recruitment agencies and education institutes. There are five different levels of user with different privileges to control the application.

CUSTOMIZATION: If you need any custom feature or have any query. Please mail me through my envato profile. I'll reply you very soon!

FREELANCE WORK: I am available for work. Mail: bd.munna@hotmail.com - Skype: ahkmunna13

Key Features:



  1. User Control
  2. Login and Registration Module
  3. Exam Control
  4. System Control or Settings
  5. Mailbox Control or Inbox
  6. Blog
  7. Noticeboard


User Roles:

  1. Super Admin
  2. Admin
  3. Moderator
  4. Teacher
  5. Student



Role Name Access Levels
Super Admin
  • Full control over the application.
  • Added by Super Admin
  • Can control everything.
    • Can't access Super Admin and Admins info.
    • Can't change System info. e.g. Brand Name, Slogan
  • Added by Admin/Super Admin.
  • Can add/modify/activate/deactivate/ban/unban Teachers/Students account but can't delete permanently.
  • Can create/modify/mute/activate categories, exams but can't delete permanently.
  • Can modify exams, can't add/delete.
  • Doesn't have access to inbox messages.
  • Doesn't have access to system info.
  • Can modify FAQs but can't add/delete.
  • Can view results but can't delete.
  • Can't access messages.
  • Can create/modify/delete blog post.
  • Can create/modify/delete notice.
  • Can register from front end.
  • Can create new category, but can't modify or delete.
  • Can create new exams and modify won exams.
  • Can't access messages.
  • Can view his/her exam participant's results.
  • Can register from front end.
  • Can take any exam any time.
  • Can view/delete/print his/her results.
  • Can't access other parts of the application.


1: PHP version: >= 5.5  

2: File Permissions: All files must be set 644 and all folders 755 before start the Installation.  

Need Help?: We can help you to install the application on your server for $50. To get help just send an email to item support with detail.   


Step 1. Upload the minorschool.zip to your hosting server and unzip the file. (If it create a folder named minorschool. then please move all files including hidden files to the root)

Step 2. Create a new database for the application.

Step 3. Open a browser and type http://www.yourSiteUrl.com/install/ , replace the yourSiteUrl with your domain. See the image bellow.

Description: nstall Url

Step 4. Fill the form with correct informations and submit. The form will looks like: 

Description: db settings

Important: If you are not sure about the database information, please ask your hosting service provider for help.  

Step 5. If everything is going fine you will redirect to the admin login page. Select Super Admin and Login with username: superadmin@demo.com, pass: 123456

Description: ettings end

5. Modify all information you need and set up Categories, Sub-categories, PayPal API, Memberships. 

6. DONE! 

7. Delete the Install folder from your root directory to avoid overwrite the system information



Module Name Sort Description Action
User Module Control all users from this module. Add, Modify, Deactivate, Ban. More
Login and Registration Module This module is for authentication management. User can retrive password, modify profile information and change password. More
Exam Control Create category and exams, add more quetions to existing exam, delete or modify exams, view results and more. More
System Control or Settings Super Admin can modify the core application informathions like PayPal setting, Social media profile links, Barand name, Slogan, Support info, About info and FAQs from the system module.  More
Blog This module for discution blogs. More
Noticeboard The notification mofule. More
Mailbox Control or Inbox This module works like a mail inbox system. You can send new email to anyone and reply support emails from this inbox module. More


Register/Sign Up:

Super Admin will add Admins/Moderators/Teachers/Studentd and Admins can add Moderators/Teachers/Studentd. Studens can register from the site (If super admin allow from system setting). After register from front-end an activation email will be send to the email id. User need to click the Activation Link link to activate the account. Anyone with upper privilege user level can activate the account from the dashboard.

Note: User added by superadmin/admin/modaretor will be activated autometically.

This is how the account activation email looks like:

activation email


Retrieve Password:

All users can retrieve their password except Super Admin. Click Forgot Password link and you will be asked for your mail id. See the image bellow:

Password Recovery

The password reset link will be send to the user's mail address. Click the password reset link and set your new password. That's realy as easy as it. smiley

This is the place from where you can control all users with lower privilege user levels. You can add/modify/deactivate/ban users. All options are under the User Control section. 

When you click view users, all registered user information will be shown like the image bellow.

Note: You can see the user have lower privilege user levels than you.

 user list

On the top right corner of the table there are tabs for different level of users. You can search by any data that related to the user from the Search box on the top of the table. At the very right column holds options to control any user. 

Update user info: 

Modification is very easy and you can do it on fly. Just click the modify button and the user info is now editable. See the image bellow: 

user modify


Just click over the field you want to modify and you are ready to go. After submition you will get the success/error message like the emage bellow.


user modify success

If you get error message then something is wrong with connection or you dont have the permission to modify the info.

Add new users:

To add new user click Add New User under the User Control module. The add user form looks like this: 

add user

A email with activation link will send to the email id you entered here. After activation the user can login to his/her account. Admins can activate the account manually from Banned/Inactive Users section under the User Control module. The incative/banned user list looks like.

banned user

Admins can unbanned/activate users from the Action column on right side of the table.



The Exam Control module handles all exams related tasks. Click View Exams from the left navigation on you Dashboard and you will get all exam like this: 

Exam Control View

NoteTeachers can only modify their won exam.

Create New Exams:

Click the Create Exam from the left navigation on your Dashboard. The create exam page is looks like 

create exam


Fill it up the form and click Next. A new form will be there with a success message on the top

add ques

Add your question, answer options and choose the right answer/answers. Click Next. The question will be saved and form will come again. For the last question click Finish instead of Next. The question will be saved and a new form will come to set the time and the random question number (The number of questions have to answer for the exam.) you to allocate for the exam you just created. It's looks like

add time

The time formate is HH:MM:SS choose the time and give a number value for the price.

click Save. So you are done!



To modify exam info like price, syllabus, passing score, category and status click View button from the right column of the table. Now click over the field you want to modify and submit. The exam will be apdated and you will get the success message on the top of the table.

Note: Teachers can only modify their won exam.

View Detail:

Click the View button from the right column and the exam detail will be there.

exam detail


Add More Question:

Click Add More Question button on top right corner of the exam detail table. You will get the form like the image. After choosing the Answer Type the will give you the options like 

choosing ans type

Fill the form and click Finish to submit. If you want to add more questions the click Next to submit and continue.


Click View Categories from the left navigation on your Dashboard. The list will looks like:

category view

You can modify/deactivate/delete all categories from here. The category can't be deleted if it has any emax under the category. By clicking the Delete button will deactivate the category and from now nobody can create new exam under the category. 

All inactive categories are in the Inactive tab on the top of the table. You can activate them again from the list.

Add New Category:

Click Create New Category from the left navigation. You will be asked for the category name. Put the name and clcik Save button. The category will be available immediately to create new exams.

Note: If you can't find any option then you may not have the permission to do the operation. 


This is the heart of the application. The whole application is controlled from this module. Most of the options are available only  for Super Admin and Admins. Few of them can be controled by Moderator like blog n FAQs. 

Profile Settings:

You can modify your profile info and authentication information from here. You can also chage your password.Click Profile Settings to view your profile like:

profile view

To change your password click the Change Password tab under the Personal Info. 

Note:  You can't change the email id and the user role by yourself. Contact your higher admin to change this info.


System Settings:

In this section all important informations like payment gateway info, brand info, support info and social medila links are listed. Click System Settings from the left navigation under the Settings. All informations will be displayed like the image bellow.

system settings


Note: Only the Super Admin can modify the system information. 


FAQs Control:

The FAQ control page looks like:


Click View from the right column to expand the answer. The image above shows an expanded faq. Click Modify to update the faq.

You can add new faq by using the Add More FAQ button on the top of the table. The add FAQ form looks like the image bellow.

add faq

If you want to add more FAQs then click the Save and continue button. If this is the last one just click Save and done.


This is a complete mailing module. You can send or reply emails to any valid email id and all contact query from the fron-end will be here as a mail in Inbox. The inbox looks like:



There are few tabs under the Messages table. You can mark a message as spam or move the message to the trash. To view the message detail just click anywhere over the row. Message detail looks like:


message detail

Just click the Reply button to answer the query. 


Compose New Message:

Click the Compose New Message button on the top right corner of the Inbox table. The compose modal will be displayed like:

compose mail

The From field is read only and placed the support's email address. Type your message and click Send button to send the email. You can also save it on the draft for the future. To do that juct click the Save as draft button.



From this module users other than students can write/modify blog post.

Add post:



Note: Teachers can only view/modify their own post.


Using this module you can add notice for the users.

Add notice:



Note: This module is not available for Teachers and Students.